Care & relief for caregivers

Like you, I struggle with being a good caregiver while balancing work & my personal needs. I felt stuck, discouraged, and lost.

Working 365 days and always being available drained all my energy. My role as a daughter, founder, & developer was pulling me in different directions.

How can I get out of this rut, help mom, and live my life?

I was beyond clueless about this matter. Say hello to therapy, cutesy of Venus Williams & BetterHelp.

It was great. I gained clarity, self-awareness, & hope, which are superpowers.

The only catch was the price after the free trial expired. Ouch! Why should a paywall keep us from getting help?

On average for a $60 therapy session (on/offline) will cost you $720/yr.

Jovial is how I see getting reliable help for caregivers.

Helen, Founder Jovial

Benefits & Features
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  • 1 Monthly Sessions
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  • Limited Therapy Guides
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  • Beta Access (Guides/App)
  • Unlimited Sessions
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Launch Fall 2023
$60 year | $270 5-year
Nope & here's why